Donald Trump Brings All The Racists To The Yard, One Supporter Even Yells ‘White Power’ At Alabama Rally

And this is what happens when your campaign is founded on racism.  Trump on the campaign trail in Mobile, Alabama hit home some of his major themes, such as building a wall, getting rid of illegals, and doing away with the 14 amendment.  One report from mentions people in support of the wall and insinuating hunting and shooting illegal immigrants. One notable,

Mobile resident Jim Sherota, clutching a vaporizer in one hand and wearing a t-shirt of conservative musician Ted Nugent, took it one step further.

“The way I see it they ought to make it a vacation spot,” Sherota said. “OK, you want to come to the border, $25 for a permit, you can shoot all the people you want that cross illegally.”

He later clarified that his remarks were “in jest.”

“in jest”? Please, considering how many times shooting illegal immigrants has been mentioned by right wing extremists…it’s not a joke anymore. This guy “James S. Sherota” is really adamant, in a New Times Report he adds more incentive,

“Hopefully, he’s going to sit there and say, ‘When I become elected president, what we’re going to do is we’re going to make the border a vacation spot, it’s going to cost you $25 for a permit, and then you get $50 for every confirmed kill,’ ” said Jim Sherota, 53, who works for a landscaping company. “That’d be one nice thing.”

But that’s not all, during Donald Trump’s speech, someone yelled out “white power” and apparently it happened multiple times.

One Washington Post reporter noted,


And how exactly does Trump plan to convince the masses of minorities to vote for him when they can’t even feel safe going to one of his rallies? Trump supporters are the real un-American thugs.


One thought on “Donald Trump Brings All The Racists To The Yard, One Supporter Even Yells ‘White Power’ At Alabama Rally

  1. Let’s not worry so much about whether or not a political campaign is based on racism — Let’s stop and remember that the whole country is based on racism — from the time of the Founding until at least the 1960s civil rights movement … a movement that I think was more symbolic than effective.

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