Thug George Zimmerman Brags About Killing Trayvon Martin

Apparently, people would like to slap George Zimmerman.  Which is completely understandable considering he stalked unarmed Trayvon Martin at night, who got scared and defended himself, and Zimmerman in turn murdered him and because of the racist judicial system in Florida, walked off a “free” man.  But is he free? More on that later.  So he decided to troll those who dare try to slap him.

Thug Zimmerman appears to be living the “glamorous” life.  He has definitely gained weight due his inability to actively stalk black men at night.  I wonder how many racists fund this coward’s lifestyle and keep him out of jail on countless occasions?  What’s really sad is Thug Zimmerman, unlike Darren Wilson, cannot see that karma has already hit him.  He will forever be a target in society, he can’t do anything he wants anymore, and the only people willing to be around him are racists, lowlifes, and women with low self-esteem.  His personal growth is forever stunted by the opportunities lost.  Whether someone shoots him or not doesn’t matter.  His life is the size of a jail cell now.  It’s small, he’ll never accomplish anything good, and when he dies, the world will be a better place because of it.  Notice Zimmerman talks about not hiding, though fails numerous to turn on his GPS location features.  Karma doesn’t mean he has to get the same treatment he bestow upon his victims.  Karma comes in many forms and this is it.


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