Enemy of the Internet: (Video) Idiot, Stephanie Brooks of Univ. of Denver Blocks Parking Space With Her Body

1FB_IMG_14426852530211Screenshot_2015-09-19-11-50-46So idiot of the week Stephanie Brooks thought it was appropriate to stand in a parking space while a law abiding citizen tried to park.  Apparently the asshole was saving a spot for someone which the internet has determined was Erik “I Can Sit Here All Day” Akerberg.  Which I find ironic because he looked perfectly capable of parking in the parking garage a block away and walking over.  Entitled jerks flock together I guess.

Another ironic point is with all the yelling, she’s the director of communication and marketing at the University of Denver business school.  I bet she’s the worst to work with.  Check out the video below.

I suspect at this point these losers are already feeling the1Screenshot_2015-09-19-11-51-45 consequences of their actions as people are calling and emailing the university about her (info here).  I like how Stephanie Brooks says she’s calling the police for being ran over but doesn’t actually do it.  Brooks knew she was in the wrong.

The Denver Post actually interviewed the lady in the SUV and she had a great perspective about it.  I agree, she made the right decision to drive off.  However, if Stephanie and Erik would have did this to someone else they could have been severely hurt.  Many people think the driver should have just ran her over.  I can only imagine if this happened in Chicago or New York how fast karma would have hit them.  But I think it says a lot for the driver to think these people are nutjobs enough to damage her car if she had ultimately parked there.

EDIT: Seems like they removed her from the University of Denver site or her page has been overloaded with views.  Here’s a screenshot of the site just in case.


20 thoughts on “Enemy of the Internet: (Video) Idiot, Stephanie Brooks of Univ. of Denver Blocks Parking Space With Her Body

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I added a screenshot of the site to the bottom of the post. Hopefully she’ll see this as a lesson to be kind to others.

      Edit: I think the site was probably down due to high traffic, the page is back up!


  1. Would love to know if she is still employed though the college after this disgrace! Wonder if the college will back her? Here in Pa is wondering if the school will look at what she did as a communications person as her communication lacks to say the least in a positive light that reflects on their school!


  2. If she lost her job over this, then I feel for her. Yes, she made a huge mistake. But did the punishment fit the crime? The amount of social shaming is excessive. Some of the comments and attacks against her on the various sites are downright mean and nasty. Making a comment about her behavior is understandable, but attacks against her appearance are uncalled for. The bullying in those comments are worse than her behavior in the video.


  3. Apparently, an anonymous party is reporting this video to be in violation of privacy. YouTube is considering removing this video altogether. Hopefully after today it will still be up. If it isn’t, then once again we have proven that if you kick and scream loud enough, you get your way….

    Hi there,

    According to our Privacy Guidelines (http://www.youtube.com/t/privacy_guidelines), YouTube may remove content in which an individual is uniquely identifiable by image, voice, full name, Social Security number, bank account number or contact information (e.g. home address, email address).

    For more information about our removal processes, please check out the following video: http://goo.gl/Dt5ZDw.
    The YouTube Team

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    1. Well that sucks, lots of youtube videos online of people filmed doing dumb stuff. This video isn’t anything different. But the damage is already done, the video went viral and it’s posted on many other video sites that aren’t going to take it down and she has appeared on several websites and blogs. She should probably focus on getting her life together and recovering from the embarrassment.


    2. That is absolutely crazy!! If that is the case than nothing would be on YouTube as it shows peoples image and or voice! She needs to take the lumps that she is getting! She was talking to the man who was video taping her saying do you see that she is running me over?! If that is the case than she KNEW she was being recorded and didn’t care less about it UNTIL it hit the way it did. Boo hoo that she is embarrassed and disgraced by her actions she SHOULD be! That was a disgusting display she put on and was proud of herself for it.. so you know what.. continue being proud of your childish immature actions and we will continue to think you are a spoiled brat

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      1. Thank you Susan! I know, right?!?! I sure wish I had HER upbringing! She seems used to a world where there are no consequences for any actions. Must be nice!


  4. In the event this video disappears from YouTube, I do have THE ORIGINAL video of it. please drop me an email (but only in the event it gets taken down please). I do not want YouTube to have a say on whether or not this video lives another day.

    She doesn’t get to have it that easy…funk dat!


  5. Well, looks like the video is still up…too bad it’s not gaining anymore momentum.

    Thanks all….for supporting my video (I’m the dude who shot that video of the lady).

    The name’s Ryan. I have it posted as “Mike Rotch” because when I think to myself that people will pronounce that as “My Crotch” unknowingly, I personally find it hilarious.

    I had no idea this video would blow up the way it did. What’s more shocking was how THE INTERNET managed to identify the woman. Crazy! Who would’ve thought, that this crazy woman turned out to be the Marketing Director of University of Denver, who calls herself “a pioneer in social media strategy”, as quoted from her online profile on the Daniels College website. LOL! She most certainly deserves the public shaming!


  6. OMG WTF! Apparently my video was taken down without any notice! Those muddapucka’s! I’M REPOSTING! FIGHT THE POWER! This she-bitch in pink will not win!


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