Hillary Tries To Convince Us She’s An “Outsider”

I’m not sure if this election cycle is going to be a repeat of 2008 for us leaning left.  However, one thing hasn’t changed…Hillary still thinks we’re stupid.  I saw the clip this morning, but once I saw Hillary actually retweeted the quote I thought, “huh? So she meant what she said. She really is trying to market herself as an outsider“.  It’s understandable after 2008 that she’d try a different approach.  Especially now that Bernie Sanders is up in the polls.  First, here’s the clip from Face the Nation.

It seems like she’s not really sure what people are talking about when they mean “outsider”.  Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders are considered outsiders compared to Hillary and Jeb, yet they both had experience before being candidates.  Maybe Hillary is trying to redefine what outsider means.  Which would be a smart idea, yet time consuming considering it’d probably take a long to convince voters.  Being a woman alone does not make you an outsider, especially when you’ve spent the majority of your life at the top of the political career ladder.  But hey, maybe I’m wrong so let me know what you think in the poll below.



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