Animals Die When Idiots Don’t Follow Rules

Another day, another incident of a human coming in-contact with an animal that consequently results in that animal dying.  Today, some idiot parents were not watching their child and in the 38yr history of the exhibit, the child got into the gorilla enclosure.  Not only was the gorrilla shot (apparently the zoo claims a tranquilizer would have endangered the child’s life), but the gorilla had the child for 10 minutes.  Given the discription of the enclosure and the obstacles the child had to go to, to get close to the gorrilla, this suggests that the parents were completely not paying attention.  I believe these parents need to be sued and held responsible. Here’s the press conference below.

This is one of those situations where I do not believe an animal’s life should be taken. Especially, not a rare species that we’re trying to save from extinction. Zoos are horrible, but if we’re going to have them, then we need better measures to prevent humans from harming animals or get rid of them and setup wildlife preserves/sancturaries.  Even as a child, I always saw something inherently wrong with zoos.  To me, they are no different from how Sea World treats their animals.  We would be better off if we actually stop being lazy and explore nature instead of look at animals behind a glass wall as we stroll down concrete paths eating ice cream and drinking soda.

However, even in this case there are always idiots that slip through the cracks.  In case you missed it, there has been a build up of idiots at Yellowstone National Park who are insterested in getting selfies with bison.  Well international tourists (Americans aren’t the only stupid ones out there) to the park thought a bison calf was cold and put it in the car.  Afterwards, rangers tried to reintroduce the calf back into its’ herd, but it was rejected.  This lead to the calf being euthanized.

These situations are not new and we need to rethink how we handle them.  These animals are forced to be around humans and because of the actions of our idiot population, they have to die for simply being an animal.